3BN Ranch Club Box

Monthly subscription!!

3BN Ranch Club Large Box

Monthly subscription!!

3BN Ranch Hat

Richardson style

Baked Dog Treats

6 per package

Beef Lover Box

One box full of Steaks!

Chicken Lover Box

The best chicken in one box!

Combo Box

Beef, Pork & Chicken in one box!

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

5 Dehydrated Chicken Feet per package

Dog Bones

3 pound bag

Easter Egg Hunt

2021 Details coming soon

Farm Tour

Date TBA

Grassfed Beef Bacon

1 pound package

Grassfed Beef Brisket

Average 3-5 pounds

Grassfed Beef Burger Patties

Four, 1/3 Pound Patties

Grassfed Beef Flank Steak

About 1.5 pounds per package

Grassfed Beef Heart

1 per package

Grassfed Beef Liver

2.5 pound package

Grassfed Beef Loin Tip Roast

Average 2.4-3 pound roast

Grassfed Beef Ox Tail

Average 2 pound packages

Grassfed Beef Ribeye Steak

1 steak per package

Grassfed Beef Round Roast

Average 2.5-3 pounds