Pasture Raised Poultry

Whole Chicken

average 3.5-4 pounds

Chicken hearts

1 pound package

Chicken Liver

1 pound package

Chicken Tenders

1-1.3 pound package

Chicken Breast

2 breast per package

Chicken Thighs

2-2.5 pound packages

Chicken Drumsticks

2.7-3 pound packages

Chicken Wings

Average 2-3 pounds

Chicken Soup Bones

Average 2.5-3 pounds

Chicken Feet

Average 3 pound packages
We raise our chickens in a very unconventional way especially In today’s time. We focus on animal husbandry and environmental stewardship. Our chickens live outside on pasture with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. They are moved daily to fresh green grass so they can forage on seeds, grass and bugs. We never fed any GMOs, soy, hormones or antibiotics. Hand processed at a small family farm with no chlorine baths. It’s actually really simply, raise chickens the way chickens were meant to be raised, and the meat quality will reward us with flavor and nutrition.