Half Pasture-raised Pig

Half Pasture-raised Pig

$100 Deposit

When you place an order for a half-animal, we raise it just for you! You get to choose the cuts to guarantee you get your favorite selections. You get to stock your freezer with fresh, local meat, so have the certainty of knowing that the meat you're feeding your family was raised with the way nature intended.

Half Pig Total Cost is $549.00

*Approximately 70-75 pounds of meat.

$549.00 divided by 75 pounds of meat shipped to your door = $7.33 per pound

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required. The deposit will be credited to the total amount of $549.00 

 What is included in the price for $549.00

  • Us raising the pig for you.
  • Us hauling the animal to the butcher.
  • Educating you on the cut choices available to you.
  • Basic butchering fees paid. (additional smoking, curing, and linking will be extra.)
  • Picking up meat from the processor.
  • Shipping the meat direct to your door!

*Quantities listed are estimates only. Each animal is unique and every order differs, altering the final outcome.

*Estimates based on 250lb live weight animal.

What’s Included?

Every animal is unique, and they will never produce the exact same amount of each cut of meat. However, a typical half hog will give you the estimated quantities of each cut:

8-10 lbs bacon

12-15 lbs of chops

10-12 lbs sausages or ground pork (additional sausage can be obtained by grinding ham or shoulder)

12-18 lbs ham (can be made into ham steaks, whole hams, half hams, or additional sausage)

10-15 lbs shoulder roast (can be made into large or several small roasts, pork steaks, some of each, or additional sausages)

2-3 packages of 2-3lb spare ribs

2 ham hocks (great to have for green beans, navy beans, soups, etc.)

1 lb tenderloin

Offal, fat, and bones available when requested. (these are also great for dog treats!)

Once you place your order and pay the deposit, we will contact you for scheduling and your specific cuts! The shipping fee will be removed before I process the order.

Why pay a deposit? By paying the deposit you set our small business up for success!! This helps us plan better, fund necessities upfront, but most importantly, it's a guarantee that those most passionate about our products will get them! It's a win-win for all, and we are so grateful.

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