Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit

Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit

$25 Deposit Only

Each $25 deposit will reserve 1 whole turkey. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit will be taken off the total price once turkeys are ready for shipping or pick up. Turkeys are $4.99 per pound and will weigh 16-24 pounds each. We are unable to guarantee specific weights for sizes as we won't know the final weight until harvest. Our 2020 Turkey harvest date is scheduled October 29th, you will not be charged the remaining balance until then. 

***When you place an order for a turkey reservation, if its the only item you are ordering, then the shipping fee will be removed before your card is charged. Shipping will be applied when we ship your turkey (unless you are picking your order up) I know that's a little confusing but my system won't allow me to do it any other way.

Our turkeys are raised on pasture and moved frequently to fresh pastures. They have plenty of sunshine and fresh air to enjoy. Our turkeys spend their days foraging on grasses, seeds, and bugs! We do supplement them with a non-gmo feed that is free of corn and soy.

We hope to be the centerpiece for your holiday gathering!

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