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Your Ranchers.

We are the Seymour family and we do MOUR for you!

  • MOUR nutrient dense
  • MOUR transparency
  • MOUR regenerative ag
  • MOUR sustainability

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About Our Ranch.

3BN Ranch is a pasture-based ranch in Gilmer Texas, raising meat locally and shipping our products to 18 different states across the U.S. (and growing!). The name 3BN Ranch comes from the first letter of each of our names; Brian, Brayden, Bayli & Nicole. Together, the Seymours do MOUR for you!

Get MOUR in your meat!

Order by individual cuts, pre-made boxes, or get a monthly box by joining our ranch club!

We do MOUR for you!

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MOUR transparency. We strive to share the story so you can know and trust where your food comes from.

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MOUR nutrient dense.

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MOUR regenerative agriculture. Our animals are raised in their natural environment on pastures. Never given hormones or antibiotics. 

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MOUR sustainability.

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MOUR convenience. We ship directly to your doorstep for an easy, hassle-free experience.

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Shop on our website for our ever-growing selection of pasture-raised products. Add your favorite cuts or one of our pre-made boxes to your cart.

Shop in person for our most popular cuts 7 days a week at Seymour's Store.

Shipping or Pick up

If you choose to ship, your order will be shipped out Tuesday and arrive on your doorstep within 24-48 hours!

If you choose the Seymour's Store pick-up location, orders are available to pick up any time at your convenience after 1 pm on Thursdays each week.

We look forward to being your ranchers!

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Frequently Asked Questions.
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Trusted by Families Everywhere

My family and I have been purchasing meat exclusively from 3BN Ranch for several years. The quality and care that goes into each product is outstanding. We are happier and healthier for it!
Rachel (Hallsville, Tx)
Love this ranch! Owners are sooo kind. The ease of ordering online and quality of meat and eggs is stellar! 3BN Ranch is a household Staple
Ariana (Frisco, Tx)
Everything we have tried so far has been soooooo good! From the ground beef, to the chicken, and the eggs. Amazing!! Plus i love that they are local (just down the road) and we love knowing where our meat comes from and how it's raised. As long as 3BN Ranch in farming they will have us as customers!
Amber (Gilmer, Tx)

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Seriously, we love to hear from you! Bringing back the relationship between the rancher and the consumer is important to us!